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We need to have this at work!!

The passive aggressive plan (27 photos)

If you "poo" in the "loo".Please don't spray perfume, because it still smells "ewww". (There is nothing worse than perfumed poo. The "poo" smell is still there, but not we have another assault on our poor nose.) We 'poo' too.

Every. Time.

LOL funny true i can relate so true teen quotes relatable alarm so relatable<<My name is Amigo Montoya, you kill my father, PREPARE TO DIE!

Pinsonnia....siempre me pasa....

Pinsomnia - Inability to get enough sleep because is bloody addicting, This is so true.I blame my friend Erica for this addiction!

(looks familiar though)

Have I already pinned it? Nah, impossible (looks familiar though) -story of my life-

Yup... just teach us what we need to survive then let us go!

My teenager would tell me something like this. Lol Funny Back to School Quotes

Since I always laugh first, I must be the one with the dirty mind.

The one who laughs last, is the slowest. The one who laughs first, has the dirtiest mind.


I’m not doing anything…

I said this all the time, before my day off and when I came back to work! What did you do on your day off?

This is Pintrest! This will never happen! Maybe, I honestly dont know. With all the time I spend on Pintrest

I have noticed the house a little dustier and the bathrooms need cleaning. awww heck, I just found one more thing to Pin. I'll just clean tomorrow!