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6 Aerial Photos Of Earth’s Breathtaking Colors

Gorgeous painting? Nope. This is an actual photograph of Icelandic Rivers by Russian photographer Andre Ermolaev. Beautiful.

This May Look Like A Painting But It's Actually Just Nature

Fotógrafo aéreo Bernard Edmaier traz em seu projeto "EarthArt: Colours of the Earth", paisagens deslumbrantes do planeta terra visto de cima.

Fotógrafo aéreo captura cores deslumbrantes do Planeta Terra

Iceland, series of aerial views

The Wild Beauty of Iceland's Uninhabitable Landscapes

Iceland’s epic vistas, vast glaciers, soft light and ominous volcanoes make beautiful abstract art in Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris’s aerial photos.


Fotógrafo aéreo captura cores deslumbrantes do Planeta Terra

Rivers flowing to sea.                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

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Peaks and folds

These images are a much more beautiful way of...

Aerial view of Icelandic glaciers meeting volcanic ash.

Mississippi River Delta from space

The Mississippi River Delta, where the largest river in the United States empties into the Gulf of Mexico. In this false-colour image, land vegetation appears pink, while the sediment in the surrounding waters are bright blue and green