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from Real Simple

How to Resist Spending Temptations

How to Resist Spending Temptations Is that little voice in your head saying “Spend, spend, spend”? Here’s how to silence it.

from Skint Dad

How to Stop Spending Money You Don't Have

Spending money can be so easy but if you can't afford to keep doing it, what steps can you take to stop spending money that you don't have?

from Living on Fifty

That Trick You've Never Heard of.....To Keep From Spending Money

Did you know that your smartphone can help you keep from spending money with that trick you've never heard of to keep from spending money? It's simple, it's quick, and you NEED to know this!

from Couponing 101

One Month of Spending Zero

from Cow Country Housewife

I HATE Spending Freezes (And What I do Instead

I really like the idea of not spending for a week to save money, but I always over spend the weeks before and after! I love her idea so much more! It's so much easier!

from Frugality Magazine - Frugal Living Tips for Financial Freedom

How To Stop Spending Money: 7 Effective Ways To Reduce Your Spending

Want to spend less money and live on a budget? If so these tips will help you to stop spending unnecessary money and instead take pleasure in saving money.

from Believe in a Budget

Tips for a No Spend Day or Week or Month

Have you ever had a no spend day or week? Ever told yourself you will not touch those credit cards? If you haven’t, you should consider freezing your spending for a few days to save money. This article is sharing all the different ways you can save money and not spend money.