Container home in the Bay of Plenty, by Cubular. Do-able.::

Container home in the Bay of Plenty, by Cubular. Love the black paint scheme and the double decking on each side

Architects FULTON +  SALOMON  is headed by Geoffrey Fulton, an Australian trained architect and Carla Kerkering, a German trained interior architect. Our interest is in unique, creative sustainable economical building architecture using "conventional" and imaginative construction systems and we specialize in shipping container based building architecture and "flat pack" prefab building design for owner builders and remote locations.  Home | Container houses |


SMALLisSMART container based HOUSE This shipping container based house has been produced to show that the recycling of shipping containers.

Recycled Shipping Container Residence in Savannah Woods » Hot Penguin

The Savannah Project by Price Street Projects in Savannah, Georgia, USA. As a port city, Savannah has an abundance of obsolete shipping containers. Artist Julio Garcia repurposed two of these containers to create his residence and studio in Savannah.

Shipping Container Houses Pics | Cargo Container Style Wooden Prefab Home | Urbanist

Luxurious Portable Abode Placed in Nature: Gorgeous Glass Doors And Windows Concept Of Cool OLGAA Prefab Home Featured By Logs Covering Entire Home Exterior Wall ~ FreeSharing Free Ideas Inspiration

It Looks Like A Rusty Shipping Container, But You Have To See It From The Inside. And Then …. WHOA!

Artist Julio Garcia completes a one bedroom container home for himself in Savannah, GA under his new shipping container design/build firm, Price Street Projects. Two containers separated by a addition in the middle makes this 800 sq.

If You Were Hesitant to Live In A Shipping Container, This Will Change Your Mind

This shipping container home in Flagstaff, Arizona was built by Ecosa Design Studio. It was made from 6 containers and offers concrete floors, glass, walnut wood and even a rooftop terrace. Some of these houses are just beautiful!

Deja Que la belleza y la armonía de tu casa se mezcle en el interior del campo y te entregue la calma y armonía de la naturaleza, diseña y construye con nosotros

Westcliff Pavilion House by GASS Architecture Studio

Pavilhão dos sonhos: estrutura metálica preta e muro de pedras - {Dream pavilion: black metalic structure and stone wall} There are 10 things you should do and 10 you should not do when building with shipping containers.