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Nothing can handle Niall!

post your best picture of 1D with funny photo captions !! go directioners!! :) - One Direction Answers

Harry is getting people to use their brains.....after frying them from fangirling all day on the interweb haha

Harry is getting people to use their brains.after frying them from fangirling all day on the interweb haha😂

oh my this is wat niall would really be like

Nuh uh I neeeeed my food!=and=i=love=to=fuck=boy=and=man

I hate Harry styles and one direction but this is pretty funny

Is Harry Styles REALLY leaving One Direction? - There have been tons of stories, articles, rumors, etc about Harry leaving the band to pursue a solo question and answer in the One Direction club


Hahahahaha mean girls and one direction. my two favorite things(:

We should probably lie a wee bit …

Hmm lets just say i dont remember the last time i went to bed when the clock said "PM"

And if this whole marry 1d doesn't work out, then obviously ill marry drake bell, if that fails hopefully I have a grandmother from Genovia that just happens to be their queen and she'll come to visit me and tell me I'm the rightful heir to the throne. Sp pretty much I'm Mia thermopolis ronaldi princess of Genovia.

Because if i stop thinking that, stop loving them and stop believeing i will meet them one day then my life is over.

Funny but I love how Joey (Matt la blanc) is in the background eating a sandwich! XD

Not grab him and kiss him grab him and squeeze him to death. I need a Niall hug.

Hahahahaha this happened to me:) my friend was Harry & I was Niall:) I was so embarrassed!

loving Narry so much right now .is it just me or did the suddenly become closer?

This describes my feelings in the one direction fandom.

This describes my feelings in the one direction fandom. Because I love them with all of my heart but I fangirl and cry over fetus pictures and the old hair and Vas Happenin and The crooked teeth and I just want them to stop growing up.

If you haven't seen this, you haven't lived.

Harry doin an American accent haha. Oh dear god that can be bad Hanna we're crazy is Americans.

Ehm that sounds scary, considering some of the Directioner's I've met XD

"I volunteer,I volunteer as tribute">>>>> psssh now way! I'd rather be friends With the boys then fight to the death plus I'd die of starvation.