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Australia eyes indigenous recognition vote - BBC News

Medicine Woman - Medicine means the magical power of fate, healing magic and medicine. Women were the first midwives and shamans, welcoming the newly arrived and preparing sacred rituals for the departed. The Medicine Woman holds the Moon in her hands. She trusts Divine Timing. She knows that all things that once were will be again. From: The Book of Goddesses by Nancy Blair

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Runway models have nothing on her. The age and wisdom along with the graceful beauty and power of this woman is just stunning. I would love to sit and talk with her

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Not sure where my life would have been without you entering my life....but I'm so glad you did bella.

The Essence of Masculinity – Portraits of Men

A Tuareg Girl:  The Tuareg are a Berber people with a traditionally nomadic pastoralist lifestyle.  Most Tuareg live in the Saharan parts of Niger and Mali but, being nomadic, there is constant movement across national borders, and small groups of Tuareg are also found in southeastern Algeria, southwestern Libya and northern Burkina Faso, and a small community in northern Nigeria.

A Tuareg girl, an indigenous, nomadic people of north Africa. I would like to see the rest of the hair to see the whole hair style.