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Stay Awake Student Bundle at Firebox.com,  £27.99

Exams are coming up and yoursquove been hitting the books, but AB steadfastly refuses to equal C? Looks like someonersquos going to have to pull an all nighter.

Fresher Essentials Bundle

So yoursquove made it into college look out world To celebrate wersquove thrown together some musthaves for any brighteyed new student in our Fresher Essentials

Puschkin Vodka from Firebox.com

The vast majority of flavoured vodka tends to possess a distinctly synthetic and cheap taste, a taste that feels like it's destined to result in a furious

Canned Dragon Meat

Canned Dragon Meat. It tastes almost as good as canned Unicorn meat.

andrew - Instant Regret Peanut Butter from Firebox.com

andrew - Instant Regret Peanut Butter from Firebox.com

Holding up to two and a half pints of the golden stuff it's impossible not to marvel at the ridiculous proportions of this glass.

This giant beer glass is perfect for alcoholics, quick drinkers and professional people who use booze to block out the pain that is their life. This glass will hold pints of beer which means no more back breaking trips to the fridge.

Killer Queen Vodka - http://madeofmillions.com/killer-queen-vodka/

Killer Queen Vodka

When Freddie wasn't flamboyantly strutting his stuff around the stage, belting out a heartfelt 'daaaaay-o!' he was engaging in all manner of booze-laden revelry. Indescribable parties awash with rock n' roll debauchery – excess all areas.

Chocolat tabasco spicy

Not for little girls, this tasty blend of sugar and spice has been created with a few drops of Tabasco’s fiery sauce thrown into the mix. silly dark choc you can eat that i just want the tin