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Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum. I kept this bubble gum on me all the time. I even got caught eating it in church. lol

Simply the best of the few bubble gums available during m y youth.and only one cent for that mouthful of deliciousness! I loved the comic strip featuring "Bazooka Joe" and the fortune which was part of the wrapper.

Cadbury Wildlife Bar Wrappers | by nz4summers

Cadbury Wildlife Bar Wrappers I loved these! I had completely forgotten about them until now as well! To think I was mocking people for keeping the crisp packets with spice girls on but you couldn't get me to part with one of these!

All my family members always ask mum to make them a Hedgehog Cake - might ask her to make me one for my birthday this year! I used to love them as a kid! (You just use Cadbury's buttons/giant buttons) :)

50 Easy Make Animal Cakes for Every Occasion ...

Hedgehog Cake - out of all the women's weekly options this was my favorite and most requested birthday cake as a child. I always remember sneaking in and eating the smartie nose the night before the party and Mum would have to replace it!

Photographs. Love taking them, reminiscing, creating things with them.

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