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I wouldn't say "hate" is the most appropriate word. I definitely dislike being helped, but that's only in situations where I can easily do something I know I can do myself -- I don't like putting others out when it's unnecessary. However, in saying that, when I feel like the stress of doing something is killing me, that's when I'll ask for help.

INFJ - The Paladin - Examples: Cinderella, Gandalf, Aro, Zuko, Ra's al Ghul, Emperor Palpatine, Rapunzel, Princess Celestia, Wanderer/Wanda, Peeta Mellark, Tarzan, Frodo Baggins, Pam Halpert, Peter Burke, Wesley, Aragorn, Aang, Dumbo, Captain America, Luke Skywalker, President Jed Bartlet, River Tam, Superman, Harry Potter, Edward Cullen, Mufasa and Oogway the Turtle #MBTI