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Diggity Dog Dip

Meaty Chili Dog Sauce

JANUARY It's quick and easy to make this delicious Meaty Chili Dog Sauce for your next cookout! If you like your chili dog sauce extra meaty, then this is the sauce for you!

Minnie mouse birthday party menu: Hot Diggity Dogs (cocktail weenies in BBQ sauce), Donald's Dunkers (carrot sticks and snap peas in ranch cups), Chip & Dale's Chips and Dip, Minnie's Bow-Tie Pasta salad, Clarabelle Cow's Condiments, & Handy Helpers (utensils & napkins)

Tortilla Hot Dog Wraps

Tortilla Hot Dog Wraps aka Pigs in a Poncho - On the side of these I make a thin shred of a cabbage right as we are serving , squeeze some lemon on it, coarse sea salt and fresh somewhat course pepper and enjoy with a simple mayo dip thinned out with a little milk, pepper and a dash of salt. Amazing combination!

Pretzel Dogs (adapted from Alton Brown's

Chewy dough of the pretzel, slightly sprinkled with coarse salt and all lovingly wrapping the juicy sausage makes for a delicious lunch for kids and adults alike! | by | @Let the Baking Begin Blog!

Mark your calendars everyone, especially if you own a dog! We will be one of #sponsors for this year's Diggity #Dog Dip in Onalaska on September 3rd! This is always a super fun event for the dogs & humans! #HotSpringSpas

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