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"Lucky Strike" c. 1944. The United States was the only country to equip its troops with an auto-loading rifle as the standard infantry weapon of WWII. It gave their troops a tremendous advantage in firepower, and led General George Patton to call the M1 Garand, “The greatest battle implement ever devised.” (Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

Webley & Scott Pistol Self-Loading .455 Mk.I N . Used by Royal Navy during WW 1 and WW 2.

[Photo] Sun Liren posing with a newly arrived American-made M3 submachine gun, date unknown

Chinese officer demonstrating the use of newly arrived American-made M3 submachine guns ('Grease Guns') to his men, late war | World War II Database

The 'Powell Device' Luger as requested by the US Board of Ordnance. -