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Deenise Glitz: I Have An INFP Personality Type , So What's yours?

sufjanstalker: “Indistinguishable from a list of the things I’ve been trying to combine into one impossible career path and lifestyle since ”

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Water Signs. Scorpio

my writing, artwork, and thoughts - true - cancer water sign

I was born in February but my sister was born in November.

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INFP Sometimes I'm like, I am such an INFJ and then I read things like this about INFPs and then I'm not sure anymore.

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The Pisces becomes crabby and hard-headed when upset, angry, or embarrassed.

16 Myers Briggs Personality Types

Character analysis gerald croft gcse english marked by


Elemental Qualities and Associations - and of course you can add what feels right to you. -)O(- ~D~ I think this is great to make your own "at-a-glance" poster

Myers-Briggs Personality Types in the Bible.  Esther? Excellent!!

Dana Byers on

Myers-Briggs/ bible characters - INFP, I have actually been told by friends that I am their Barnabas!

Scorpio zodiac facts  http://zodiacsociety.tumblr.com

Scorpio as Friends: Scorpios are friends who you will want to have around when things go down.

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