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Adam and Eve Rebirth - In January of 2014 Z Tattoo Magazine approached me to develop a multi image themed pictorial. Adam and Eve had been among the themes I wanted to tackle for a while. However, I didn’t want to do it like everyone else. You know, garden of eden… Since it was a Tattoo magazine that it would appear in I used this opportunity to take things in a different direction. What if Adam and Eve were reborn in modern times or post modern times. A do over, a rebirth, a second coming…

from Etsy

vintage Christian print of the Garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve, vintage printable digital image no. 465

I love this poster. It reminds me of Adam and Eve, and the blame game. I love the energy and intensity captured in the silhouettes. I can almost hear the accusations.

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Genesis 3:5: Pride & Arrogance - Pride goes before a fall...... The New Agers who believe in his/her own divinity and ability to create, usurps the Authority and Position of God; He/she is also still listening to the lie of the devil who spoke to Eve and said she would be like God. Everything is completed in thoughts first, with the follow through by words & deeds; Christ's opponent is the same today as he was in the beginning - a liar.