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Happy Anniversary to my husband of 38 years.

Happy Anniversary to my husband of 38 years.

I should do this at the college library.  Celebrate library use and donate to the poor college kids fund!

A smile left inside a library book! ❤❦♪♫ Such a nice thing to do. Random acts of kindness. *This is a great idea.

origami stars by Regina (creative kismet), via Flickr

origami stars with messages inside. Reminds me of a fortune cookie! I love stars and to get a message.

Do you love the look of flowers around the house, but not the expense and mess? Soda can flowers are permanent, fun displays that add color to your home or office, at little to no cost. They're also a "greener" alternative to traditional bouquets.  What's more, soda can flowers can be recycled when you're done with them.

How to Make Soda Can Flowers

God creating animals. Part 3 is here, Enjoy!

God creating animals. Part 3 is here, Enjoy!

that potato seal looks more like a manatee.


Methods for tie dye - tie dyeing t-shirts with kids - rit dye ideas - what to do with old tshirts - team tye dye project - how to make a bulls eye or swirl tie dye shirt

TUTORIAL...how to make a parchment paper cone.

Thanks for hanging in there with me during this Week Of Frilly Fancy Shower Type Recipes And Ideas. :) Next week I’ll be back to my usual posting of What In The World Can…

orsetti conchiglie

Seashell Koalas After a trip to the summer shore, why not turn seaside treasures into keepsakes and accents for your home? Get inspired by these creative shell ideas. Transform your child's beach discoveries into an adorable shell creature.