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This image shows how many hours per week a minimum wage earner would have to work in each state in order to pay no more than 30% of income for a two bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent.

~~~ There is not a single state in the U.S. with enough rental units both affordable and available to house all extremely low income renters- those making 30% or less than the median family income in a metropolitan area.

In how many states can someone working a full-time, minimum wage job afford a 2 bedroom apartment?

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A Fugly Truth Made Pretty: A Cartoonist's Depiction Of Wealth Inequality

Infographic: Depiction Of Wealth Inequality Also: Wealth Inequality in America &Elizabeth Warren: Minimum Wage Would Be $22 An Hour If It Had Kept Up With Productivity It applies to other countries too. Ask for a raise of minimum wage! this is theft in broad daylight!


Where slavery thrived, inequality rules today

The chance that a child raised in the bottom income quantile was able to rise to the top income quantile in different counties of the United States.