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Can This Photo of a Larvae Infestation Possibly Be Real?

A viral image circulating online since the early purports to document a larvae infestation of the human breast.

Helen:I hate Cockroach!!! by DeluCat on deviantART

Helen:I hate Cockroach! by DeluCat on deviantART <<< I feel you Helen.

WiffleGif has the awesome gifs on the internets. jeff the killer adventure time gifs, reaction gifs, cat gifs, and so much more.

Jeff The Killer/Adventure Time GIF (I'm actually not the biggest creepy pasta fan, but this was to awesome)

Trolling is all good fun up until the universe decides that your having too much fun...

So this means. he is always right next to you but he's trolling so well you just don't know it haha!<<< Everytime I see him when I play the game, I run towards him screening "YOU NEED A HUG, COME GIVE MEH A HUG!

This is an original drawing by Kurt Halsey Frederiksen. It is 8" x 10" in size, ink on paper. Airplane rides!

Penguin n' Polar Bear Playin Photo: This is an original drawing by Kurt Halsey Frederiksen.

U want some pastas?

(Marble Hornets, Slender-verse and Creepypasta is not related each other in anyway in this picture) Slenderman © Masky & Hoody © Marble Ho.

Wiccan Tattoos for Women | Alianora's Goddess

Pagan Tattoo Gallery

Anything & Everything to do with Pagan Tattoos! So mote it be. the skin is a sacred vessel; lets decorate it with pride!


-Fusion Revealed- Jeff Drowned or Ben The Killer? by DerseDragon on DeviantArt