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I wish to devour the unborn! (Translation: I'd like some eggs for breakfast, please.

spongebob burn!  LOVE THIS! :)

I laughed so hard when I saw this on Phineas and Ferb. Also, Phineas and Ferb is on Disney, and sponge bob is on nickelodeon.

And even better you can see that the famous tumblr user pizza posted something underneath

Has he not heard of Hogwarts? Cuz the students get homework over summer break even.

Tumblr funnies...lolwut? I still haven't   figured out tumblr

Oh my freakin gosh. xD I can't breathe. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Hahahah xD This is not what I needed right before bed.

Spongebob transition slides

Spongebob time cards are the best. The all important "One Eternity Later" card is missing!--- my favorite one is when Patrick is like "can you hurry up spongebob I'm running out of time cards"

Baby Do’s and Don’ts

Baby Do’s and Don’ts

Baby do's and don'ts for new parents. Good tips for (future) first timers like me.

The funniest part is that I would say the same thing

I put this because I love Sponge Bob. This Picture reminds me when I was little and I always watch this at home. I love this picture because this episode was really funny.

Elegant.genuine.outspoken.sweet. Is it really describe me or is it represents what i want to be?

all possible words i could find: happy patient elegant peaceful reserved witty sentimental lovely dependent loyal charismatic naive passionate thoughtful eloquent outspoken restless outgoing sweet lethargic overdramatic talented insecure