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I need to hang this sign on my side gate to hopefully keep out drunk losers from cutting thru my yard. It's either this or let the killer bunnies have at 'em.

Welcome to Walt Disney World Costuming

Magical Closet of Face Character Costumes The ballgowns worn by each princess are made up of numerous pieces, each of which is carefully dis-assembled after use, carefully cleaned, and each piece is then sent back to the costume warehouse to be categorised and stored, ready for check out by the next face character cast member.

Cilantro Lime Farro

Cilantro Lime Farro -- trade in traditional white rice for healthy, chewy farro in this easy recipe

Create a routine of a healthy lifestyle. It must become your habit to be healthy. 3) If you want what others don’t, you must be willing to do what others won’t. (This means SELF DISCIPLINE.) 4) Imagine what you want and know that ANYTHING is possible!!

Natarajasana, dancer's pose. My favorite asana. 5 years on the mat & yesterday I found it, bound with both hands, foot in the crook of my elbow. Ten ujjayi breaths, came out gracefully, centered, strong. So deeply grateful to this body that carries me.

Join Me for a Pantry Challenge

A plan to use up the food in your pantry and freezer in an effort to clean out your kitchen and save money on groceries.