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ドバイの日常風景がジワジワ来る写真19枚 | 世界のオモシロ画像

Just another day in Dubai traffic. If this is true, I want to move to Dubai and just drive around with a pet tiger.

Here is Dubai!

Here is Dubai

(100) gege alsid - Google+

Camel Parking - only in Dubai. You have to park your camel somewhere when you pop to the shop for some milk and bread right? We just wonder if the camel has a disability permit since that’s a disabled parking bay!

Shisha to go...

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Does this work??? my god, if I could potty train the cat, that would just be the bees knees.

Teach Cat To Pop In The Toilet, Someone Figured Out A Way

Life hacks: How to Teach Your Cat to Poop in the Toilet. This might come in handy for when I'm a crazy cat lady.

Huge familys ;p<<<<actually it is much bigger than this and half of them I don't even know their names

So my family! Cause in Egypt cousins and stuff lie that are considered sisters/brothers.