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Lunges+are+a+powerhouse+lower+body+movement+(and+one+of+my+personal+favorite)!+  This+one+exercise+strengthens+your+hips,+glutes,+quads,+calves,+and+hamstrings.+Many+people+shy+away+from+lunges+because+of+the+unstable+feeling+compared+to+other+lower+body+movements+such+as+squatting.+The+split+stance+of+a+lunge+puts+the+body+in+an+unstable+posi

Mistakes are a part of life,  a part of learning, and a part of growing. Embrace mistakes and move on. What are my top 5 Healthy Mistakes? I’m not talking about mistakes like missing a deadline at work or forgetting to set your alarm clock. Believe it or not, fitness people make healthy mistakes. It’s EASY to do. There is a mecca of info all over the web, books, and social media are crawling with “Fitness Experts”.Read More »

Common Fitness Mistakes Take a walk through any gym, and you’ll notice many mistakes. Mistakes that waste time. Mistakes that put people in danger. And mistakes that are just plain stupid. Maybe you even make a few of these mistakes yourself. By avoiding these common blunders, you’ll put yourself on the fast track to results. Check out the following fitness mistakes and the solutions you


How to prepare for your first group fitness class                                     by Glenneth Reed, TDF Blogger   Starting to exercise can be scary.  Starting to exercise with a group can sometimes be even scarier.  But group fitness classes can …

I accept you as you are but I can't accept myself as I am? The past few weeks, I have been struggling internally with some old demons that are hitting me hard from all angles. It's funny- I lost 100l

Ab Burner - 2 moves that will hit the upper and lower abs #exerciseinducedgreatness #jessreams #workout #workoutoftheday #fitness