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75+ New Must-Have Photos With Your Groom

An Old-Hollywood-inspired pose, ok so this is from something you posted already, but the photo is gorgeous x

15 Reasons Why Winter Engagement Photos Are The Best

Beaches are hard to come by in Canada, but snowy fields: we've got those in spades! Create a huge heart in the snow to transform an average wintery shot into something truly fantastic.

A Letter From The Other Girl

  as we walked down the hall and he pointed into a classroom, v said to me, ‘i had a girlfriend eve, who is in that big kids’ kindergarten room, and she is one year older, but now she has a new boyfriend, and so i got a new girlfriend, who is 5 like me,…

(Open Melanie) I go into an unlocked room to find it empty except for one table with a couple photos on it. Upon further inspection, I realize that they're me. The backs have 'You didn't even complain about being drugged' written in some kind of red ink. Reading that makes me scream loudly and have a small panic attack, ripping the photos up hurriedly.

Couple // photo: Olive Juice Studios //