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I love you

I have my soul mate.PS I love you Butch!

Ugh I wanna spend time with youuuuuu. So any updates from the parental bank??

Love isn’t practical, it’s ultimately the best thing that will ever happen to you

"I'm comfortable with you..&& that means everything to me"..It's so good being with a man that accepts everything about you, flaws && all. Im a better person when I'm with him. <3

My husband, my best friend, my life.

Soul mates

My high school sweetheart is my soulmate and has been for over 22 years.

Mmmm, the feeling of laying next to the one you love.. Cuddled so close I can hear the rhythmic beat of your heart... Just loving it.....

I want to sleep with you. I don't mean sex. just sleepy, blissfully happy, silence.

loving someone with all you have is letting go of fear, it is growing up <3

And I will love you no matter where you go or who you're with. I will love you no matter how bad you've hurt me. You still hve my heart. I love you, no matter what.

Haha Awww

So true! You are the most beautiful the moment my eyes open to you in the morning!


"I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had. And no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours. -The Notebook"

Winnie the Pooh quote

Ive always loved winnie the pooh! Ive always loved winnie the pooh!

We are meant to be...like no other,Every one said we were  so lucky, we had something most people never had and i am so happy too have been you wife and soulmate. you are the best ever for me and i miss you so much for ever!You are always in my hart and ooul and one day, my sweet hart we will be together again!!

Most people search their whole lives to find what we've already found." We've already been told this on more than one occasion! I'm so proud of the love we share and the unbreakable bond we have! I love you baby!

Absolutely love... your first "love" doesn't even compare to that one person who completes you..

No one compares to you. I know people always say your first love is the person you compare everyone to, but maybe they've got it all wrong. Maybe the person you compare everyone to isn't your first love, but your true love. Your soul mate.

Love-im not giving up. In Jesus name, my husband will one day live for the Lord.

Well said! Love and marriage isn't meant to be easy, it's called life!

Famous movie quote poster

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Jerry McGuire Notting Hill As Good As It Gets Casablanca My Best Friend's Wedding Dirty Dancing Top Gun Sleepless in Seattle Gone With The Wind Titanic Forrest Gump.all such powerful lines especially put togerther♥

Mmmm yes plz...can we start now?

I want to wake up next to you, eat breakfast with you, get changed with you, play computer games with you.

Love the differences

"Some people are good at being in love . " The difference between being in love and loving someone.

best kind of people

The right people!