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Africa | Tuareg man; the higher the social standing of a Tuareg the more concerned he will be to conceal his face on meeting strangers. He will make certain that he does not reveal the tip of his nose, and will often hitch the 'tegalmoust' so high that only his eyes may be seen. | ©Angela Fisher; from her publication "Africa Adorned".

Funny Angela mask for adults: This latex mask for adults represents the face of Angela, the German Chancellor.The eyes nose and mouth and ears are pierced for more comfort and to look through the mask.Play this German...

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11 Tips For Flawless Skin That These Asian Celebrities Swear By


Noemi @makeupbynoemi_ A REMINDER to the...Instagram photo

That [U] contour I see everywhere DOESN'T work on every nose. THERE ARE SHAPES WITHIN SHAPES! 1. Dark: Oval / Light: Circle 2. Dark: Rectangle / Light: Square 3. Dark: Triangle / Light: Diamond 4. Dark: Oval / Light: Pentagon YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SEE WHERE ONE CONTOURED/HIGHLIGHTED abd this comes by using the CORRECT tone/shade. Progression of color. It should look as if a natural shadow is being casted on the face and natural light is hitting the higher points

Africa | "A Wodaabe male charm dancer applies face make-up to attract the females who will judge his performance. Conforming to the Wodaabe criteria of beauty, a male dancer lightens his skin with a pale yellow color, brightens his eyes and teeth with an outline of kohl, lengthens his nose with a long line, shaves his hairline to heighten the forehead, and decorates his cheek-bones with small patterns of dots and circles." | ©Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher; Painted Bodies Collection

Sheldon walks you through step by step on how to use watercolor to paint a face. This video is a preview for our full video available on our website. Learn art with Sheldon Borenstein sign-up for online art classes with Sheldon at Download full lessons at Follow me http://w...