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after all this time... i still miss you everyday.

After all this time I still miss you everyday ~ Grief ~ Heartbroken ~ Heartache ~ Heartbreak ~ Loss ~ Breakup

Miss my dad! Passed away 5 years today and loving you always!!!!!

years ago you went to heaven to be with Mom. I think of you both everyday. You are still the wisdom I live by. My heart still aches. I love you and miss you more than words can say.

Like @Julie Forrest Forrest Coven, I thought Jesus was meant to be king for these brides? That bumps dad down to the level of owner.

My dad said something in his speech at my wedding very similar to this. 'All fathers' want their little girl to find their prince, mine has found her king.' My married surname is 'King'!

Father Day Quotes -this is a legacy I tried to leave with my children. Showing them that I love their mother provides security, consistency, and confidence that the family is strong and will be there for them. It provides courage for them to go out and meet the world head on.

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A poem for loss of a loved one. So sweet.Every breth I take, I take one for you. I miss you, Mom and Dad.

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Grief will break your soul. It is a pain that never subsides. It is pure agony. Living with grief is hell on earth. I miss you my dear son. I am losing the will to live because when you died so did I.