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Japanese sword, Katana 刀

♂ Japanese Martial Art Samurai 侍 "The Way of the Sword" by Tiffa , via

Japanese fencing, Kendo 剣道. *After 1st time(round) 2 minutes for each Genkai.  Pre-actor are preparing for next stage.(white blue,grenn,kwangsek,hongsek....etc)

Japanese Katana preparation for the Game"": Byung Lee walking to the Dojo.

Kendo Japan, c.a.1870-1880 #kendo #kendoka

Raimund Von Stillfried, Kusakabe Kimbei, Kozaburo Tamamura et divers. Japon, c…

Founder's Cup 2013

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689c6a4b38eb853467d4fede25b2653b.jpg 1,000×666ピクセル