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I will admit, when I was a wee little girl I would get chills whenever I watched this scene. As I got older I would get lumps in my throat...and now when I watch it I cry. I love it so much.

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere." - Beauty and the Beast. One of my favorite song lyrics of all time ♥

I wonder if Disney realizes all of this or they're just happy mistakes....either way, these are AMAZING!!!

Sorry for the bad language at the end but that is so amazing. Disney is so awesome

The Internet: teaching people stuff since 1989

The Internet teaching people stuff since 1989

Disney princesses in their villains silhouettes

9 Disney Heroes Who Are Haunted By Their Villains' Shadows

This just makes me smile

LOVE the last picture! Donald's expression is so cute! :: Donald Has Found His Family! I love it! :D

Tumblr Disney 1 Memes. Best Collection of Funny Tumblr Disney 1 Pictures

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

MULAN"would you like to stay for dinner" GRANDMOTHER FA " Would you like to stay forever!" she is my spirit animal

What do I do during study breaks?  I recreate Disney's Frozen in scary detail using emojis. #frozen

Entire Frozen Plot made with emojis.someone had waaaayyy too much time on their hands

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Minimalist posters of Disney Movies - some/most of these were great books and fairytales My childhood