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If Malachite was a lot less threatening

what-the-floofin: I’m absolute trash, look at.

This may be why gems that become corrupted look and act like wild animals:

I think that peridot is a lot longer than amethyst. I also don't think she's a kindergarten gem. I don't have anything on jasper except that I think she's a fusion. The above desc was so true I didn't wanna change it

fairy kei | Tumblr

senume: “Request for meat-beat-mania! She wanted a “goody-goody” (as opposed to a Bad Pearl sort of thing) looking Amethyst! Started drawing this and just couldn’t stop myself, and I’m pretty pleased with the final result! I really had a lot of fun.

there are other worlds than these - Okay so I love Pearl a lot and I identify with her...

there are other worlds than these : Photo- Pearl has given me the most feels of any Steven Universe character.

Garnet vs Jasper

Steven Universe: Big Meaty Claws by prpldragonart on DeviantArt

Steven Universe Meets Avatar

Steven Universe Meets Avatar

Steven Universe meets Avatar I feel like iroh should be with rose but this is still all amazing