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"Children under the Arbor", in water color

"Children under the Arbor", in water color

Hers: colourful, but colours all in the same sort of area. No significant contrast/not too many wildly varying colours


painting - Brooklyn based designer and painter Marion Bolognesi Watercolor Faces painting are beautiful.

The bleeding of water colour paint creates an object of volume and a marbled effect as the colours blend together.

Crafted Landscapes - Tobias Tovera

Eyes by Agnes-Cecile, called My right My faith in which she uses acrylic paint, water colurs and white pen on canvas. Cecile creates a depth and fluidity to her work. Giving the eyes an intensity through re working into her work with white pen her works have a real connection to that of Stina Perssons work, which too has the same fluidity with the use of masking fluid and water colours.

Stunning paintings by Silvia Pelissero, an Italian artist best known as agnes-cecile. A nice splash of color in the heart.

Using a macro lens, UK-based photographer Janet Waters gets up close and personal with all kinds of liquids, bubbles, food dye, and soapy water. Where many artists like to have control of their final product, Waters actually counts on the unpredictable nature of liquids to create her captivating abstract designs.

Swirling Liquids Form Spectacular Macro Artwork

Using nothing but soap and a macro lens, Janet Waters photographs mesmerizing patterns on colored backdrops.


Erin O’Malley - Light Experiments

i am using this sort of technique for my last page with the disneyland castle because i am going and will be using fantasy colours eg pinks and purples and then place bright red umbrellas and then make white silhouttes of people

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Large UNICORN PRINT Unicorn art Unicorn by LisaWhitehouseArt

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