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34 Things You Can Improve With A Sharpie. Some fun...

Pebble Art by Sharon Nowlan - Createsie Creating Powerful Imagery Through the Simplicity of Pebbles Really want excellent helpful hints about arts and crafts?

Pretty painted rock-paint rocks with BSU colors for outside decorations?

The art of painting on rocks or stone is a fine and creative art. Acrylic paints are perfect paint for stone painting.

Stones covered with origami paper by les fabulations Inspired by Margie / knitalatte11 and her beautiful covered stones

This is a stunning DIY rock craft. This is a great project if you are into arts and crafts. It’s a unique project and you can actually give these Rock.

Stones by Lia Oliveira ( doce abóbrinha ), via Flickr

One thing I really want to do is try painting beach pebble rocks. I have collected so many pebbles which I use for my beach pebble keyrings but so far I have only drilled holes in them - I have never tried painting them.