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This couple who clearly really want to hang out.

This couple who clearly really want to hang out.

this is fake. If she was texting her dad, wouldnt HER texts be the ones in GREEN? I know that when I text me dad and it says DADDY at the top, my texts are the green ones... just sayin!! lol

Epic Parent Fail -lol, but seriously if that happened to one of my friends their parents wouldn't let they leave the house forever

Nasty Selfie Confessions. The things people will do for attention! - Likes

I climbed onto the roof so I could get good lighting but I ended up rolling off and landed on the trampoline and the bounce was so strong that it shot me through the dining room window

Ever notice that 99 % of the people interested in your  reproductive capacity absolutely are not willing to pay for the results?Jobs and education lead to self fulfillment and joy. Marriage and offspring lead to sacrifice, sacrifice, oh don't forget more sacrifice. Why does everyone act like reproduction is the be all and end all? #selfdefenseforkids

I don't really want kids anyway, just to graduate from college and start a career.-> I just want a cat and a nice apartment with a job to pay for it


You know, if my brother knew how to use a phone, he would probably do this.

34 Of The Best Daily Funny Pictures

34 Of The Best Daily Funny Pictures

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