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Oh man this took like... forever :'/ I don't have any program good for animation so it was hard to make x'D; and it ish my new icon :'D freaking 15Kb gifs limit for DA <.<; I shall start Shad...

Urban garden, London - use old ladder as trellis for tomatoes and peas?

LuLu*s How-To: Sultry Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

that horrible feeling that your not good enough no matter how hard you try

headswillrollbaby: Alain De Botton. @headswillrollbaby | facebook. People

"Never meant to be one of the Fallen eh, Alec?" "What?" "I dont know why they took you, the girl is stronger. Wouldve done better." "What the hell are you talking about?" "You shouldnt have been a Fallen. You were made to be a Legion warrior, your soul is too clean. Her's however... Too bad we couldnt work on you more."

from An Upturned Soul

Love – Narcissist Style

"Salem, quit narrating our meeting like that you know you were totally heads over heels for me but wanted to play hard to get," Dave teased, twirling a finger through her dark hair. She snapped and rammed her fist into his gut. Then she turned back to her slightly bemused audience. "Anyways..."

shadow the hedgehog monster | dark shadow the hedgehog colouring pages

@my_little_one: You have not cleaned your room. You have not brushed your teeth. You have not... Your answer is always: "Oh, really?" with a sweeet smile. Oh boy...!