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Sammy killing everyone with his puppy eyes

His face is like "but that is who I am how could I not" and / or " dont objectify me" (I know it's a dean line but oh well)

What happened to that scared, innocent, and hopeful little boy?

The Boy Soldier. I have a headcanon that if Dean’s soul were to ever manifest into a physical form, it would take the shape of a small boy, because deep down, he’s still that lost little kid who was forced to grow up too fast.

~ Supernatural ~

What if the 2012 Apocalypse had actually happened but someone stopped it?

If you want to be classy then take a hint from Dean Winchester.  Don't push the issue. Don't take it personally. Don't ask why. Just go.

"News flash, men: if you want to be classy take a hint from Dean Winchester, stud muffin and all round good person, and when a lady says no, accepts that she means no and don't push the issue." --Dean from Supernatural