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hehehe the screenshot of rei and rin doing the finger thing is my desktop background :}

It's like mom and dad's in the back with sibling Haru, Mako and Nagisa.. With a random over exaggerated blue head.. Nah, I love Rei! Haha❤️

Okay this show made me cry so much ;-; Like no you can't be this sad stop ;-; ;-;

Asuna & Kirito ||• Their bond is real, you will never break them apart because their love is true. ♥

Rivaille (Levi), Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert

Sebastian, must you always use your devilish charms to get what you want? Will they ever be sincere?

Blue Exorcist ~~ Kuro and the Father. Translation: Kuro: rawr Father: Rawr! Kuro:RAAAWWRR!!!!!! Father: ...O.O