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La Galerie, Contemporary Art Center : Noisy-le-Sec, France. La Galerie, Contemporary Art Center, is a contemporary art center founded in 1999 and housed in a nineteenth-century villa located in a suburb of Paris. To a wide audience, it offers a program based on the notion of art as a sensory experience and reflection of our relation to the world. Four exhibitions a year (two monographic, two thematic), accompanied by reference publications, present previously unseen works by internationally…

Gyumri Center of Contemporary Art: Gyumri, Armenia. Founded in Armenia in 1997 as an NGO, the Gyumri Center of Contemporary Art (GCCA) strives to cultivate contemporary art experiences in Armenia, involving Armenian artists and the international community. It also edits the Gyumri International Biennial of Contemporary Art catalogue, publishes the magazine ArtToday—featuring international contemporary arts with a focus on Western Asia, the Caucasus, and South Eastern Europe—and presents art…

COCO (Contemporary Concerns - Kunstverein): Vienna, Austria. Contemporary Concerns (COCO) is a forum for the production, presentation, discussion, and communication of contemporary art. Situated in a passage in the center of Vienna, the kunstverein runs two exhibition spaces and a bar. Thematic group shows are COCO’s main format.

Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan, Armenia: Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCE A; “NPAK” is the Armenian acronym) is a nonprofit foundation active in Armenia since 1992. It was officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Armenia and the United States in 1994. ACCE A /NPAK was founded by New York artist and poet Sonia Balassanian, with her husband, architect and planner Edward Balassanian.

24HR Art—Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art :: 24HR Art presents a dynamic program of contemporary art exhibitions and public programs. Situated in the far north of Australia, and in close proximity to Asia, the program profiles contemporary practices from the region, including works by Northern Territory, Australian, and Asian artists.

FELTspace: Adelaide, Australia. FELTspace is an artist-run gallery located at the heart of the Central Market district in Adelaide, South Australia. The gallery is a hub for Adelaide’s emerging contemporary visual arts community and an important site for the development, exhibition, and discussion of new work created by early-career artists. The only artist-run initiative with a permanent site in Adelaide’s city center, it is dedicated to the promotion of emerging contemporary artists.

Arko Art Center, Seoul, South Korea: Arko Art Center was established in May 1979, in the former location of Seoul National University, as an institution to support exhibitions under the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation (KCAF). The museum’s red brick building, designed by renowned Korean architect KIM Swoo Geun, has become a symbolic structure in the Daehangno neighborhood of Seoul.

Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria: The Ars Electronica Center has been setting the standard ever since the original facility opened in 1996. Its prototype of a “Museum of the Future” has utilized new media in unprecedented ways and, with its superb exhibitions and groundbreaking methods of presenting and imparting content, has made a name for itself worldwide. Since January 2, 2009, the new Ars Electronica Center has continued to blaze innovative trails into the future.

5533: 5533 is an independent, nonprofit contemporary art space in Istanbul that presents and produces exhibitions, research, and debates. Emphasizing dialogue, networking, and interaction, it aims to foster contemporary art projects based on intellectual and critical reflection.

Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada: Art Metropole is a nonprofit, collaboratively artist-run center located in Toronto, Canada. It fosters a variety of existing and yet-to-be-invented forms of publication, dissemination, and exchange in the field of conceptual artists’ bookworks and other artist-driven publication projects, such as audio, editions, new media, and video. Its activities include publishing, distributing, exhibiting, and running a public shop, as well as organizing lectures…