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Baby Bear Crafts - Baby Bear Dryer Balls, $9.00 (

I love the Grovia system and can't wait until Little Man gets old enough to wear them. they are so trim fitting. But I NEED more inserts. These ones have a PUL liner to prevent leaking. Planet Bambini - GroVia® Stay Dry Soakers, $17.95 (

Man do i need this. My question is will this work on post preggo stretch marks that already exist? I wish I had seen this months ago! Planet Bambini - Natural Stretch Oil, $7.95 (

Planet Bambini - Made by Me - Wooden Toys, $4.00 ( Our boys love these!

Planet Bambini - Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold , $7.00 ( I actually use these as absorbency inside the grovia trainers for my dd. they fit inside perfectly!

Planet Bambini - OBF Fitted Cloth Diaper by Sloomb, $25.95 ( These are by far my favorite diaper ever!

Planet Bambini - Baby NäsaKleen™ Nasal Aspirator, $10.00 (

Planet Bambini - Cloth Diapering 101 Class, $10.00 ( No amount of researching online or chatting to friends who use cloth can compare to actually getting down and touching them yourself. Go to a class and see what it's really all about!

My ultimate dream is have one of these! A friend showed me the ins and outs of hers and I love how easy it is to interchange from front carrier to back. The little guy inside seemed to love it. Planet Bambini - Boba Baby Carrier , $120.00 (