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Aging gracefully

LOOK: Audrey Hepburn As You've Never Seen Her Before

Audrey Hepburn was the granddaughter of a baron, the daughter of a Nazi sympathizer, spent her teens doing ballet to secretly raise money for the dutch resistance against the Nazis, and spent her post-film career as a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF winning

Be the Change - Inspirational Video by Jay Shetty

We live in a paradoxical society with conflicting priorities, messages and opinions.

aaah we totally did this:) my children will certainly be playing this as well.

Oh yes : ) My brother and I used to play this game and every balloon was a planet. When a balloon one would hit the floor, we would just move onto the next planet.so much fun back in the day. It didn't take much to entertain us!

Immagine di http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-VFUH0U9hzbI/UuosMryNysI/AAAAAAAAAC4/SzvZq7F7Jso/s1600/936full-audrey-hepburn.jpg.

Audrey Hepburn the most beautiful an classy woman. I wish I could have met her! I wish that all girls would aspire to live by her philosophies. Lets erase the "swag" and replace it with the Famous Audrey "class". She is perfection to me.