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||FC: Unknown|| Morning. My name is Aya Sarah Black-18. My mom is the hostess' loyal friend. I don't like the look of that boy but I'll try and help. Yeah that's me, helping even when I don't want to, but I have to or my mum will have my head in. Maybe I'll meet my soulmate here, hopefully. I prefer to read and draw then talk to people.I can often say what pops into my head. My father left when I was five and I have no trace of him. Introduce?


Potinhos de Chocolate

I want the cake too!❤️

The innocent girl with blood on her hands, sarcasm in her voice, a glare in her eye, a stitch in her heart, and fear in her gut. Over all, she wanted to forgive and forget but she wAsN't a StErEoTyPe

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Brock from Pokémon Can Drive, Pilot, or Operate Almost Anything

Oh, Pierre..

im so happy (hides behind a smile) | via Tumblr

I would love all of the costumes to be this! Really this show is going to turn into a fantasy of what I want to wear every day!

I play music not because I am sad I play it because it's my symphony, my joy,my gate to freedom, my friend.