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Fraction dice

Fraction Games: Roll and put it on the numberline. Roll and write out the fraction. Roll twice and compare the two fractions. Roll and add the two fractions.

Comparing Fractions Foldable

Comparing Fractions Foldable - great for interactive math notebooks. Send home for students to use as assistance on their homework and for studying.

Updated! Bundled For Savings - Everything Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Everything you need to teach your students how to add and subtract fractions are at your fingertips in the Bundled 4 Savings pack!

Fractions bundle: whole numbers

Fractions: interactive notebook common core aligned}

As educators, we certainly know, that to present a truly complex concept, one needs to break it down into more digestible components and in keeping with this analogy, this unit on fractions offers a delectable spread of fun fraction interactives that break down and greatly simplify the teaching of fractions.

Fraction Decimal Percent Bundle

Fraction Decimal Percent Memory Bundle. Cootie Catchers, Flash Cards and Foldables Now there is no excuse for students not to learn their fractions!

Geometry Foldable Bundle

Geometry Interactive Notebook Foldable Bundle - The foldables can be used alone or in an interactive notebook. Each foldable can be copied multiple ways, depending on the needs of your students. This is a growing bundle. As more products are added, the price will increase. If you purchase now, you get all future updates free.

Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators Scavenger Hunt

Get students out of their seats and subtracting fractions with this interactive scavenger hunt. Students will practice subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Students will be given straight forward subtraction practice, verbal forms involving the key word "difference," and word problems. All fractions are less than one. All answers on the scavenger hunt are written in simplest form. There are 12 practice problems included in the activity. By Free to Discover.

Geometry-Classifying Attributes of Geometric Shapes

This product contains: -classifying quadrilaterals using a tree map -card sort for 3-dimensional shapes and real-life connections -geometric wanted activity for 2-dimensional shapes -black line and color card sorts -compare and contrast cut and paste of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes visit us at