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EEVblog #903 - HP85 Vintage Computer Teardown

a screaming clock, killer graphics, and it's a Hewlett Packard, it doesn't get much better than this!

Bleeping Relics' Flickr pool #photography #retrogaming Submit your electronic games pics from your Flickr photostream !

Donkey Kong Jnr - great game from Nintendo with colour LCD display

Vintage 1982 Sirius Systems Victor 9000 Intel 8088 Computer w Monitor

Vintage 1982 Sirius Systems VICTOR 9000 Intel 8088 Computer w/Monitor - Working

Sirius Systems Victor 9000 Intel 8088 Computer I was the first Ford employee to have exclusive use of one of these. It was sort of IBM compatible in the fact that it used the MS BASIC computer language.

Hewlett Packard HP-85 Computer/Calculator Working

Hewlett Packard HP-85 Computer/Calculator Working

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WarGames 'Shall we play a game?' computer for sale; credit cards at DEFCON 1 (video)

Microsoft Kin notifications have up to fifteen minute delay

The computer featured in 'WarGames' is on sale. - How about a nice game of Chess?


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The Oldest Laptop or the first .

This is the Osborne 1 computer. Designed in Created in it as one of the very first "portable computers" aka Laptops!

This Apple Lisa Advertisement from 1983 struck me as such a blast from the past, but at the same time had such a familiar quality. It occurred to me that Apple could come out with an ad tomorrow using the same headline and it would still be relevant to their brand.

A Pictorial Timeline of Apple Macintosh Computers, Products, Gadgets and iPods in History. To view an excellent timeline of all Apple Ads and Advertisements in