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Love Chandler

Chandler Bing - Monica Geller - Rachel Green - Courtney Cox - Matthew Perry - Jennifer Aniston>>I can't believe they initially wanted Chandler as a secondary character

Reactions Book-Lovers Have to People Who Don't Read: PERSUASION "It’s not that you don’t like to read, you just haven’t found the right book yet. What interests you? Humor? History? Sports? Dwarfs? Humorous historical dwarfs playing sports? I don’t care how many hours we have to spend in the library, I will make you love books. I WILL MAKE YOU LOVE THEM!"

The 6 Reactions Book-Lovers Have to People Who Don't Read

Turning You Hair Into An Epic Beard… SO DOING THIS. @Ellen Haapoja This has you written all over it!

This Is How To Braid Your Hair Into A Gimli Beard-- This is awesome. Your hair color and length and texture would be perfect. :) <<this makes me want to have long hair😆

True! Although, I wouldn't turn away Prince Charming

Who needs Prince Charming. I just want those forest animals that clean my house.