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Lenticular clouds hovering over Korcula during a strong Bora a few weeks back.

from Mail Online

By Shari Miller

Burning bright: Fire Rainbow Clouds:The rare phenomenon appeared behind a storm cloud near Delray Beach, Florida

from Mail Online

Massive thunderheads roll across Sydney bringing rain and strong winds

Nature looks like an artwork in this image with the sky as dark as night as the storm creeps up on people sunning themselves on a Sydney beach

Unique rainbow cloud over Mt. Everest … More

This photomontage would be a great advertisement for Ready Whip. Just as the clouds that hover above the mountains act as a natural "topping" that looks light and fluffy, so does Ready Whip on any kind of dessert!

In a near future, Francesco Lorenzetti on ArtStation at

Earth In Her Cradle of Clouds. "Namaste" from The Hubble Telescope... NOT! This is art, not an actual photo. Hubble cannot take a clear photo of the Earth and the clouds are laughably out of scale. From orbit the visible parts of the atmosphere are a thin blue coating. It is pretty but the original caption is nonsense.

Stephen Mackey. I actually have this print on several Christmas cards. I would love this as an art print, though.