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Lenticular clouds hovering over Korcula during a strong Bora a few weeks back.

Some clouds like to hang out together; others prefer to have the whole sky all to themselves. Some change shape constantly, different at every glance, others are chilled and relaxed, content to stay the same all day long. Some float to the north, others set sail to the south, east or west. Some are way up high in the sky, others hug the hill tops or envelope us in eerie fog. Some are restless, scudding across the sky chasing their shadows, while others hover in one spot, defying the wind. S

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister Weather Snapshot group on May 26th 2014 #1 Brad Hannon (336 Likes) 5 shot vertical stitched panora

Photography of nature that reminds us to keep it simple. Nature is amazing at reminding of how life moves effortlessly. More on our stories of the lessons we observed by embedding ourselves in nature will soon land on