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Trump, the Old Fashioned Dunce...not smart enough but just smart enough to be a good con (being born rich didn't hurt!)

“ Donald Trump is every student ever who didn’t read the book and is trying to wing it when the teacher asks what they think it was about.

Dumb as rocks and proud of it too! You might almost think he was a Texan

Dimwitted Donnie - scary to think people voted for this ignorant clown

Because of being bullied

Low Battery

Tax Evasion ~ The Donald Trump's of our country thinking it's "Smart" to pay ZERO taxes and blames the poor child without dinner for our budget?!!!  #heartless

Tax Evasion ~ The Donald Trumps of our country thinking it's "Smart" to pay ZERO taxes and blame the poor child without dinner for our budget.

A darling little print that would especially look cute in a child's room.

Hugs Print

Hang up this print and remember that it's always worth it to hug it out. Dimensions: Measures x Details: Blank inside. Contains coordinating envelope. Designer Katie Hart takes her lifelong lov

Republicans love to blame others and our 45th Pres blames the press for using Facts and not alternative facts.

If Barack Obama were somehow able to bring about World Peace, Republicans would blame him for destroying the defense industry. ~ no doubt!

Nice to have a laugh on Trump. But his Presidency would be anything but laughable.

25 Unknown Facts about Donald Trump Funniest Political Memes of the Week: George Takei Mocks Trump

We can either start honest debate in this country, or we will continue this dirty game of civil war. We are heading down the path that leads to destruction.

Caveat: presidents have little to zero to do with gasoline prices at the pump?

FOX NEWS  Rich people paying Rich people   to tell Middle Class people   to blame Poor people

FOX News- rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people. So true.