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Butterfly Fairy Coloring Page (plus activity)

Butterfly Fairy Coloring Page (plus activity)

Darling fairy coloring page that can be turned into a fun pretend play theater activity, with butterfly puppets.

Fantastic way to introduce your kids to Classical Music, which encourages imaginative movement and creativity. This playlist is perfect for fairy dancing.

5 Best Classical Music Tracks for Kids : Fairy Dancing

5 Best Classical Music Tracks for Kids : Fairy Dancing - Let's Play Music. I'm not sure what to classify "Fairy Dancing" as. but I do know that these are great songs for creative movement

This Magical Fairy House is the perfect kids’ craft for open-ended creativity that’s loaded with tons of imaginative fun you can do together! See what fun nature items your kids can use with all their craft supplies.

This would make a great summer kid fairy pot-luck party. Have everyone bring a bag of tiny trims when they come. Throw them all in the center of the picnic table outside and let them make a Fairyland! :o) hello, Wonderful - MAKE A MAGICAL FAIRY HOUSE

Create a small world fairy neighborhood in the sandbox for #pretendplay. #smallworld #fairies

Small World Fairy Neighborhood Sandbox Play

that artist woman: Warm and Cool Butterflies

This is a project I did with 100 kinders last week. They got to do some painting, some printmaking, cutting and pasting and they turn.

Fairy play.

Fairy Play

Activities linked with fairies and fairy play in an Early Years classroom from Rachel (",)

Fairytale Terrariums_My Little Bookcase Snow White, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood are story examples for these cute story terrariums. Fun for kids. http://www.mylittlebookcase.com.au/showcase/feature-posts/how-to-make-a-fairytale-terrarium/

Fairytale Terrariums_My Little Bookcase - fun for little ones to create their own little world!

Transform all of the trees in my yard into little gnomes houses.

A squirrel’s house . or fairy house. girlyme:acottageinthewoods:(via cicekingdom)