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Molokai Girl: Summer Evening Light

The evening light in the summer months have their own magical quality. I will say that I miss the longer summer evenings of ou.

Molokai Girl: My Peace Is There

My Peace Is There my way is in the sand flowing between the shingle and the dune the summer rain rains on my life on me .

Molokai Girl: A Cross To Bear

Stations of the Cross Meditation Garden at Christ In the Desert Monastery Image copyright of Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio .

Molokai Girl: Small, But Mighty

Molokai Girl: Small, But Mighty

Molokai Girl: As Above...

Some spectacular shots of the slopes on the south to southeast side of the island of.

Molokai Girl: West End Molokai Shadows

Aerial view of the west end of Molokai as we flew from Molokai to Oahu which would get us over to the island of Kauai for the .

Molokai Girl: A Secret Garden

Molokai is a small island no matter which way you look at it. I don't even think that there are even people that reside .

Molokai Girl: Madonna of the Shadows

"Madonna of the Shadows" Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio In a quaint shopping center in Sedona is this sweet little grotto with a statue.

Molokai Girl: Spiral Bound

Molokai Girl: Spiral Bound

Molokai Girl: North Coastline Views of Molokai

The north shore coastline of Molokai is not very accessible and evokes a raw wilderness kind of feeling if you do h.

Molokai Girl: Bigger Than Life

© Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio Both of these trees may seem to be bigger than life in these.

Molokai Girl: A Post

You know, this post has been at this site for a long time but come to think of it, is it really a post or just what's left o.

Molokai Girl: Sun Worshiper

Molokai Girl: Sun Worshiper