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Martin looks dapper in his wedding attire, donning his top hat, with trendy sunglasses, and Benedict checks out his phone in the background - BBC Sherlock - The Sign of Three - behind the scenes

Sherlock, hilarious and gross at the same time. I cringe and laugh at the same time i first watched it 😂

Louise Brealey on

Louise Brealey "And here's me at the front door. Helpfully, I'm pointing out the number." You go Molly!


Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police…

Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police… I almost died when I saw this scene. I made Jeffrey watch this scene since he is the Grammar Police around here and he loved it!

Kristen on

Fun fact: Vatican Cameos was a code created in WWII which meant that there was a person, armed, entering the room and to stay clear of this person. John being a military man would know this. Hence Sherlock's brilliance in using this.

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