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Darwyn Cooke faz as capas variantes dos gibis da DC de dezembro!... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

Comic book artist Darwyn Cooke passed away on Sunday may He was an amazing artist who help created some truly amazing books, May he rest in peace.

Almost Darwyn Cooke's Blog  Lee Marvin in Point Blank by Darwyn Cooke

Lee Marvin in Point Blank - illustration in the graphic novel "Parker: The Martini Edition" by Darwyn Cooke

Lone Ranger by Darwyn Cooke

failed-mad-scientist: “The Lone Ranger - Darwyn Cooke ”

Black Cat - Darwyn Cooke

Original Comic Art titled Darwyn Cooke Black Cat, located in Ankur's Spidey/MJ/Gwen Stacy Comic Art Gallery

Minutemen by Darwin Cooke

Alan Moore On Watchmen’s “Toxic Cloud” And Creativity V. Big Business

Before Watchmen Watch: Darwyn Cooke’s Minutemen Promo Invokes DC New Frontier & Honors Dave Gibbons