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These ways to be happy as a childless couple may help you cope with infertility and childlessness. A childless life doesn't mean unhappiness for all childless couples, even if they're desperate to get pregnant.

Around one in six couples experience difficulty in starting a family – causing anxiety and longing that is difficult to imagine. The South East Fertility Clinic (SEFC) in Tunbridge Wells is a private, dedicated fertility clinic committed to providing couples and individuals living in Kent and East Sussex with first-class care and treatment to help them conceive. #Infertility #IVF

The Truth About Infertility: 10 Honest Confessions

Infertility affects approximately 1.5 million women in the U.S., yet many suffer quietly, afraid to discuss their pain out loud. Struggles to get pregnant often cause anger, jealousy, confusion and loneliness — all emotions that are hard to manage alone. Some women who are hesitant to voice their concerns

Avocado diet 'triples chance of success' for couples undergoing IVF

According to the Daily Mail, an avocado diet can triple the chances of success for couples who are trying to conceive through IVF

You Are Incredibly Lucky To A) Get Pregnant for Free B) Carry Baby to Term C) Not Have a Clue Of Grief and Pain I've Suffered For Years #Infertility #Miscarriage