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dunk your sushi.. This is amazing!

Great White Shark Sushi Plate Let this great white shark take a bite out of your sushi roll with this custom made sushi plate! The shark's mouth serves as the soy sauce holder. --I want to watch shark week and eat sushi with this

Shark Sushi Plate!!! I Annie Bea made this!!! I should post a pic up, it's not nearly as good as this but still

I Want This Plate! The shark sushi plate --- Awesome. Except I would use it for other food not sushi

Maquina para hacer Sushi | Sushi Maker

Perfect Roll for Sushi, Sushi Roller.oh my gosh! I love sushi so much and never though I would e able to me it myself, but with this I just might!

Lea's Cooking: "Lazy Sushi"

Lazy Sushi *Sushi rice *Rice vinegar *Mirin sauce *Sugar *Cucumbers *Cream cheese *Smoked salmon or crab *Red bell pepper *Avocado *Canned tuna *Mayonnaise *Seaweed chips or nori *Toasted sesame oil *Sriracha chili

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Sushi petit four inspiration - Japan vs France

Since a certain someone in this house has difficulty cutting bite size pieces...

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8 things to know about sushi

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Sushi Etiquette

Sushi is so tasty, defiantly one of my favorite foods. So it’s unfortunate that I don’t know any sushi etiquette. In fact, after reading today’s infographic, alot of us don’t know any sushi etiquette. AND apparently I’ve been eating at bad sushi bars.

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Sharky sushi [ Unusually Eye-Catching Meals Inspired by Japanese Cuisine - Koi Fish Shaped Sushi", "Japanese Koi Fish (Carp) Shaped Shrimp Sushi: Comb

Japanese style of ricke ball, always fabulous!

Flower sushi rolls: when cooking is art.