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Just When You Think Winter Is Over

Just When You Think Winter Is Over

This is Ohio. Every year winter and spring have a brutal battle before summer comes in to help overcome winter -_-'

Hey now, seems someone forgot to include that basket ball player...can't remember his name,...straight out of high school...recently retired after a few losing seasons, played with the Lakers. I'm getting hungry, maybe it'll come back later...feeling like Japanese, possibly Kobe steak. Now that's a meal for winners.

Some people can cook. Some people can draw. Some people are amazing athletes. I can balance the light switch between off and on.

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Common White Girl on

Bυper Dυper!

of course we need Markiplier punching the air furiously<<< XD

phil and keely!

Remember Phil of the future? He used to be cute but now he just looks like the spanish drug dealer from Bedazzled

I saw this interview. Unbelievable how arrogant this woman was. She believes she can judge a child's social class based on their first names, and then decide whether she will allow her children to mix with them.

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