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My drink of choice.

Traditional Italian Food is known worldwide, or is it? Learn about misconceptions on traditional Italian food, its history and importance of regional cuisines.

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Dionisos Edición 98

Brandy and Wine. Great Wine Pointers To Boost Your Wine Knowledge. A good bottle of wine can enhance the best meal but also help you mellow out after a tough day. No matter what kind of wine you like, if you know more abou


When it comes to fine italian wine, the regions of Italy might come to mind, with their lush, rolling hills where the finest grapes are still hand-picked

Wine chart

A simple wine sweetness chart shows the sweetness levels for different types of red and white wines. You might be surprised to find out what level of sweetness you prefer. -- Learn more by visiting the image link.

Merlot ♡ fromage ♡ cheese ♡ Käse ♡ formatge ♡ 奶酪 ♡ 치즈 ♡ ost ♡ queso ♡ τυρί ♡ formaggio ♡ チーズ ♡ kaas ♡ ser ♡ queijo ♡ сыр ♡ sýr ♡ קעז

I prefer white to red wine but if I go red, I go Merlot. The tannins bother me in many reds but for a treat now and then, I'll pour a glass of this!

Reisling cheat sheet

Riesling is my favorite white wine. I especially love Washington rieslings. It's a good beginner wine and an easy drinker. It's also one of the only sweet wines I enjoy.

How to pair food and wine (and cheese) #infographic.

How to Pair Wine with Food: A Primer

At what temperature should you serve your favorite wine?

Gambino Winery - Wine Infographics - Wondering what temperature to serve that Champagne? Check out this info-graphic for the ideal temperature sweet spots.

Decoding a #French #wine #label can be a Challenge  Checkout the other tips at todays-wine.com

Decoding a #French #wine #label can be a Challenge Checkout the other tips at todays-wine.com